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Grains of Change with Kashi and the Sundance Channel

Going through my archives last night, I came upon this commercial I had the opportunity to do with Kashi and the Sundance Channel a few years ago.  Grains of Change was a Kashi and Sundance series that profiled seven leaders in the natural food community across the U.S. who are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and greater connections to the natural world.  As Kashi’s natural food and lifestyle expert, I was honored to introduce this series and these individuals.

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“Ask the Expert” Partnership with Health Magazine and Kashi


I love when great brands unite (and I get to be in the middle of it!). Just one such thing happened when I had the chance to do a year-long “Ask the Expert” column with Kashi and Health Magazine. We gave each month a theme, such as “easy ways to shop healthy all week” or “easy ways to live naturally at work”. The general goal of the column was to provide tips for small changes that can add up to having a big impact on your health. Not only was it fun to have such a great platform to share natural food and lifestyle tips, but also awesome to represent and bring exposure to the naturopathic medical profession!

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